A warforged Paladin


He is a WarForged, recently awakened after the defeat of Kilseath (sp).

After becoming sentient, and remembering the wars fought for arbitrary kings over land or power, he became withdrawn and bitter; eventually becoming a Paladin and swearing Oath to Vengeance. His deity is Bahamut, the god of Justice and Nobility.

His vows are as follows:

Fight the Greater Evil. Faced with a choice of fighting
my sworn foes or combating a lesser evil. I choose the
greater evil.

No Mercy for the Wicked. Ordinary foes might win
my mercy, but my sworn enemies do not.

By Any Means Necessary. My qualms can’t get in the
way of exterminating my foes.

Restitution. If my foes wreak ruin on the world, it is
because I failed to stop them. I must help those harmed
by their misdeeds.

His alignment is Lawful Neutral. He is a hardcore evil vanquisher who will stop at nothing (even death) to attack the evil in the world. This doesn’t mean he will go out of his way to help the helpless – if they have been wronged by what he deems evil, he will help – otherwise, he is neutral.

He’s incredibly strong and charismatic, slightly stupid and not perceptive. He can heal creatures and teammates at will by laying his hands on them and uses Divine powers to increase his attacks or protect those in harm’s way. He can command creatures and people to do simple things or force them to tell the truth.

His name is elvish for “Stone,” and at some point he can choose another (permanent) name for himself that he deems he is worthy to bear.

His flaw is basically an uncompromising hatred for evil. If he sees someone break the law or do something very wrong, he must act on it, no matter the consequence.

Brian – here’s where it gets interesting.
If I make Ondö do something that you feel breaks his vows, he has to seek out a Cleric or Paladin to ask forgiveness, or spend an entire night in prayer. If he does something that REALLY violates his vows, you can make him drop his class and adopt a different class and alignment.


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